Whether for Serious Competition or Just for Fun learn up to date techniques on competition standard equipment with rubberised contacts for the A Frame, Dog Walk and Seesaw.

Beginners Agility

We offer periodic Beginners Group Classes, plus the option of our Facebook based Virtual Classroom. Click here to download sample curriculum pdf.
8 weeks – 24 lessons. Minimal household equipment needed for home practice. Beginners Classroom link.
This will only run a very few times a year.


In Dorset we have regular face to face agility classes and workshops, plus 121s. Our fabulous venue has a large, fenced training area including grass and a brand new all-weather surface built in 2023. Advance your Agility Adventure with more of our face book based Virtual Classroom and Face to Face small group workshops. Tailored to each handler and dog team. Click here for a sample curriculum pdf.
8 weeks – 22 lessons including 4 Face to Face workshops only £95.

121s also available

Course Running Days and Guest Trainers

Periodically we will run special workshops. Please see our Facebook Page for details.

All lessons are subject to our