Puppy Foundation

Every Puppy deserves the best start and we care about your Puppy almost as much as you do!

Puppy Life Skills are taught via our THREE fun and fabulous, progressive courses. These include fortnightly (approx) face to face Puppy Workshops in very small groups and our three “Virtually Perfect” classrooms, each with around 25 video lessons to prepare you for the workshops. Get started on the classrooms (£75) and pay as you go on Workshops (£10 each).

The Classrooms are private facebook based groups. You can watch these at any time and in any order to fit your schedule and priorities, “posting” your own training videos and questions for coaching and support. You can enrol via the links below.

Enrol at any time for:

** First Few Weeks - young Pups 7 to 16 weeks - gentle training for your baby puppy:-
First Few Weeks Facebook Group Classroom

** Beyond Basics - 16 to 24 weeks (or older rescues) taking it forward:-
Beyond Basics Facebook Group Classroom

** Sports and Activities Prep - 24 weeks plus:-
Sports and Activities Prep Facebook Group Classroom

With gentle, positive training approaches you'll be amazed what your clever puppy can achieve!

All lessons are subject to our